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Zahn Associates Live Review Exam Prep Program

Live Review Exam Prep Overview

The Live Review Exam Prep Program is available in both live, in-person sessions and virtual formats, each maintaining a rigorous standard. The program's instruction is led by a CFP® professional actively working in the financial industry, ensuring real-world relevance. The program is designed to focus on CFP Board topics solely. All materials are regularly updated to ensure alignment with the latest testing requirements, and our online portal offers access to approximately 1,800 practice questions throughout the program from start to finish. The Live Review Exam Prep Program follows a thorough 3-step process to provide comprehensive preparation.

Current Locations

Pass Rates

We consistently exceed the national pass rate by 10%. For additional details on CFP Board pass rates, please click here.

Tutoring Resources

To learn more about our tutoring resources, please click here to contact the instructor directly for pricing and scheduling information.

3 Step Process

We recommend dedicating approximately 100 – 120 hours to the Prestudy materials before attending the Live Review Exam Prep Program class. These materials consist of two Zahn Workbooks accompanied by a series of quizzes, cases, and mock exams, all of which should be completed before the actual Live Review session. We offer corresponding prerecorded videos to align to the materials.

The Live Review Class spans 4 consecutive days, usually over a weekend, providing 34 classroom hours. With the live instruction the program lends a workbook aligning to the exam focused topics. For the live in-person classed, the program fee covers a catered networking lunch, ensuring participants can maintain allotted time allocated for lunch break. Please see testing cycle locations for a schedule. For live in-person location details, please click here.

We recommend dedicating approximately 60 – 80 hours to the Post Study materials between the last day of the Live Review Exam Prep Program classes and taking the CFP Board Exam. These materials include advanced comprehensive questions and challenging cases designed to intensify your preparation as you approach the exam date.

Amazing! I felt so prepared and confident going into and during the exam. Brandon during the live review was unmatched. He explained things in a way that made sense and stuck in memory. Thank you!


Our Prestudy program comprises two workbooks with quizzes and mock exams, supplementary subject matter videos, an Ask Instructor bulletin board, and a recommended study guide. It is important to note that some believe extensive industry experience or recent completion of a CFP Board registered education program can bypass this crucial step. However, on average, successful students invest 100 – 120 hours in studying with the Prestudy materials. Completing this step optimally prepares you for the Live Review Exam Prep Program class.


Our Live Review Exam Prep program has assisted thousands of students in successfully passing the CFP® Exam. The classes offer real-time instruction and interaction, available both virtually and in-person. Both formats maintain the same rigorous class structure. Our instructors are seasoned CFP® professionals with extensive real-world experience and expertise in teaching all educational modules through partnered programs. They leverage their practical insights to reinforce key testing concepts. The program includes scheduled breaks and, for in-person classes, a networking lunch.


After finishing the Live Review Exam Prep Program class, we anticipate students will dedicate 60 – 80 hours to prepare for the CFP® exam. A customized study plan discussed and tailored to the class will help guide students towards exam day. The post-class materials include more advanced questions, comprehensive case studies, and supplementary subject matter videos. A detailed assessment summary will offer students valuable insights into their strengths and areas needing improvement.