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Zahn Associates Live Review Program

Live Review Program Overview

The class instruction will focus on application, analysis, and case evaluation. This is an in-person class conducted by a CFP® professional working in the financial profession. Materials are specifically updated for each testing cycle with approximately 1,800 questions available in our online portal. The Zahn Live Review Program is a comprehensive 3-step process.

Current Locations

Pass Rates

Our pass rate is consistently 10% above the national pass rate. For more details on the CFP Board pass rates click here.

Tutoring Resources

For more information about private one-on-one tutoring click here.

The Prestudy material recommendation is approximately 100 – 120 hours prior to attending the actual Zahn Live Review Program. The Prestudy material includes Zahn Workbooks (2) with online quizzes, cases, and mock final exams that should be completed prior to attending the Live Review Class.

The Live Review Class format is 4 consecutive days, typically over a long weekend offering 32 classroom hours. The Live Review Class material includes a workbook with supporting text and video resources. The program cost includes a catered networking lunch to maintain a focused and timely experience for attendees. Please click here to see the locations.

The Post Study material recommendation is approximately 60 – 80 hours prior to sitting for the exam. The Post Study material includes additional challenging comprehensive questions and cases. Material increases in intensity as you progress.

Other providers simply give you the material; Zahn and his staff prepare you for the exam!


Our Prestudy program includes prestudy books (2) with corresponding quizzes and mock exams, recorded subject matter videos, Ask Instructor bulletin board and a recommended study guide. There is a common misconception that if you have extensive industry experience or have recently completed a CFP Board registered education program that you can bypass this necessary step. On average, successful students spend 100 – 120 hours of study with the prestudy materials. This step best prepares you for the actual Live Review class.


The Live Review class has assisted in 10,000 + students in passing the CFP® Exam. The live class provides real time instruction and interaction. Our instructors are all CFP® professionals with years of real world experience. They apply their practical experience to align with testing concepts to solidify subject matter. The program provides scheduled breaks and a networking lunch.


Upon completion of the Live Review we estimate that students will spend 60-80 hours to prepare for the CFP® exam. A class specific study plan provided at the Live Review class will guide the student down the home stretch. The post work provides more challenging questions along with extensive case work and supporting subject matter videos. A detailed assessment summary will provide students with an overview of their strengths and weaknesses.