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Zahn Associates Capstone Development Course

Capstone - Financial Plan Development Course

This course builds upon the material in the previous 6 courses. Emphasis is on the application of how to build a strong financial planning plan using concepts that are used in everyday practices. The "capstone like" course utilizes case studies and mini-cases to tie together the various disciplines studied in the individual prior courses into a comprehensive financial planning process. Students are required to formulate a client financial plan in both written and oral presentation.
Upon successful completion the Capstone offerings, students are eligible to sit for CFP®; Certification Examination given each year in March, July, and November. The programs are offered in both Traditional and Online formats.
The university partnered programs do accept transfer students from other curriculums. All instruction, and textbooks are included in the price of the course.
To find out if you qualify for the challenge status, we recommend that you contact the CFP Board directly or visit their website CFP Board (