Live Review Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a Comprehensive Live Review course?
The Comprehensive Live Review is a summary covering the six areas of the CFP® Certification Examination.  The Comprehensive Live Review is meant to be a review of your previously taken required education modules in preparation for the specific exam.

How long do you recommend waiting between my last education course and studying for the exam?
Students should allow enough time to complete the Prestudy before arriving to any of our Comprehensive Live Review classes.  We recommend that a review of our Prestudy will take a total of 100 - 120 hours to complete.

When was your material last updated?
We update our material for each CFP Board testing cycle.  We are constantly updating and changing the Live Review materials to give our students the most current information. We always recommend that students have the current testing cycle materials.

Can we defer payment or have a payment plan?
We do not have a payment plan as full payment is due at time of registration.

What types of payment methods do you accept?
We accept checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal.

How many topics are covered in the Comprehensive Live Review?
We thoroughly cover the topic list for the CFP® Certification Examination provided by the CFP Board including topics and subtopics.  This list can be found on the CFP Board website at

What is your pass rate?
Historically, our pass rate is approximately 10% above the national pass rate.  The history of the national pass rate can be found on the CFP Board website at  Students are self reporting their results to Zahn.

What communication should I expect once I have registered?
Students will receive several separate e-mails.
  • Automated e-mail Order Confirmation
  • Automated e-mail for Student Center access
  • Automated email(s) for Supplemental Material(s) (when purchased)
  • Automated FedEx with shipping and tracking information from FedEx ShipAlert

What materials should I expect once I register for a Comprehensive Live Review?
The Prestudy materials will be shipped via FedEx.  All orders received prior to 2:00 PM EST will be processed same business day.  Students will receive a Live Review book upon registration at the actual class.  All online resources are housed in the Zahn Student Center.

What if I have a question about the material while I am working through it?
Upon a completed registration students have access to "Ask Instructor" located in our Zahn Student Center.

What is the format of the Prestudy material?
The textbooks are hard copy with online resources such as quizzes and mock exams.

How thoroughly do I need to know the material?
Getting through the Prestudy material is vital in setting yourself up for success in our program.  To best prepare for the Comprehensive Live Review class, complete the Prestudy including all quizzes and mock exams before attending the Live Review class.

What is the format of the classroom portion of the Comprehensive Live Review?
Students will receive a hard copy classroom book upon registration at the Comprehensive Live Review which integrates all of the Prestudy material into a comprehensive study tool.

What attire should I wear to the Comprehensive Live Review?
Students will want to be as comfortable as possible. Most students wear casual attire to the classroom portion of the Comprehensive Live Review.  IE:  shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants, bring a jacket/sweater the classrooms are typically on the cooler side. 

How do I register for the CFP® exam?
Zahn, Inc. is not responsible for you registering for the exam.  Students must visit the CFP Board website at and complete their registration requirements.

What is your cancellation policy?
Withdrawal from the program: You will be refunded the original registration fee minus $600.  If you decide to re-register for our program, you will be charged the full registration.  Rescheduling (postponing) to a future testing cycle: Students will forfeit the right to any further materials from the current testing cycle.  Students will be charged a reduced fee to re-register for a later testing cycle.

When does material become available for each cycle?
Materials for each cycle are available approximately five months prior to the first scheduled class.  Prospective students may add yourself to our Wait List which allows us to communicate class information as it becomes available.  By placing your name on our Wait List there it does not mean that you are registered or we are holding a spot for you.

Does the class tuition price include hotel arrangements?
No.  Hotel, travel and dinner arrangements are the responsibility of the student.  We do provide lunch for the four days of class.

How much does the material change between testing cycles?
We are constantly updating and changing the Live Review materials to give our students the most current information.  We always recommend that students have the current testing cycle materials.

Is there a deadline to register for the course?
There is no deadline to register so long as students have enough time to dedicate to the Prestudy material and the location students wish to attend is not closed.  If students are struggling with this decision, please call our staff to assist you.

If I recently completed my education courses, do I still need to dedicate 100 - 120 hours with the Prestudy material?
The 100 - 120 hours is an average time for studying.  Some students take longer and others take less time.  We do recommend that all students complete the entire Prestudy prior to coming to class.

Is the hotel listed on your website the same where the class is being held?
Yes.  Each location has a block of sleeping rooms reserved for our students until the cut-off date listed.  The hotel locations listed on our website are where each of the classes are actually being held.

Can I just purchase material and not attend the 4-day Live Review?
This option is made available for our students who have attended a previous Comprehensive Live Review.  For more information please contact Team Zahn.

Do you offer an online Comprehensive Live Review?
We do not offer our Comprehensive Live Review online.  In the best interest of the students we believe that live presentation is the best format.

Can I purchase the Comprehensive Live Review and have the classroom material sent to me instead of attending a Live Review class?
No.  In order to receive your classroom Comprehensive Live Review manual you must be in attendance at the class.

Do you offer flashcards for the Comprehensive Live Review?
Yes.  We offer flashcards in Hardcopy, Audio / Online, and a Deluxe set (all three) for each testing cycle.  To purchase from our website, click on Live Review tab, Supplemental Materials, and select flashcard type.

Will I need to purchase additional study material for the CFP® Certification Examination?
The purchasing of additional study material is up to the student to decide.  We do offer supplemental materials in the form of Test Bank Questions and a Casebook Workshop should students' desire additional materials.  These materials can be purchased from our website, Live Review, and then click the Supplemental Materials and select product type.

Is the CFP® Certification Examination fee included in the price?
The CFP Board fee is not included in the price of the Comprehensive Live Review.

Do I have to register with CFP Board prior to registering for the Comprehensive Live Review?
There is no requirement to be registered with CFP Board prior to registering for our Comprehensive Live Review, however we do recommend that you register with CFP Board as early as possible to avoid missing the deadline or having to travel to a Prometric testing site since the nearest locations are full.

What time does the Comprehensive Live Review class begin?
At each location on our website there is a link marked "Class Schedule" that students can print off to have for your records.  The first day we recommend that students arrive 30 minutes early to complete registration and receive your class materials.

What calculator does the Zahn program recommend?
The Zahn material is written to be compatible with the HP 10BII, HP 12C, and the TI BAII.
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