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Jim Tomik CFP®

Jim takes a highly disciplined approach to financial advising, an approach that is all about maximizing growth and minimizing risk. In doing so, he is able to help lead his clients through the phases of wealth, from accumulation to consolidation to distribution, all the while focused on the most important characteristic of wealth management...preservation.

A CFP® certificant, Jim has been trained to take a 360 degree view of investing. In fact, his vocation has actually evolved into his avocation as his interest in the history of Wall Street, the development of our financial system and current financial news and events occupy a good deal of his free time.
A specialist in goals-based investment planning, Individual Retirement Accounts and asset protection, Jim prides himself on delivering a highly personalized investor experience for his clients. He also prides himself on the relationships he has built with those clients, many of whom have referred him to their children, friends and other family members.
A Senior Financial Advisor and 20 year veteran as a registered representative, Jim’s client base stretches from New York to California, with a healthy concentration of clients in his home state, Florida. As a CFP® practitioner, Jim is adept at leveraging significant resources for his clients, and often works with his clients’ outside attorneys, accountants, estate and tax professionals, and others on their behalf.
Outside of the office, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy, and their daughter Hana.
Jim is an adjunct faculty member at Tallahassee Community College and a member of FPA of the Suncoast.  
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