Casebook Workshops

The Casebook Workshop will review 5 of the 8 comprehensive cases. The instructors will work through the cases by integrating the six major areas of financial planning: General Principles, Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Income Tax Planning, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning. The questions and cases are based upon the CFP Board's 8 Domains for those preparing for the CFP® Certification Examination. This workshop is not a replacement for the Comprehensive Live Review.
Who should attend?
Students needing a better understanding on case study format prior to taking the CFP® Certification Examination.
Price: $250.00
Note: The Casebook Workshop is only valid for the current testing cycle.
November 2018 CFP® Certification Examination
CFP® Certification Exam
November 6-13, 2018
Application Date
October 23, 2018
March 2019 CFP® Certification Examination
CFP® Certification Exam
March 12-19, 2019
Application Date
February 26, 2019
Coming Soon!
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