Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive a refund if I change my mind?
All sales are final - no exceptions.

Will I need to pay a fee to have my CE credit be submitted?
No, course fee includes all material and processing CE credits.

How will the charge to my credit card appear on my statement?
It will appear as "ZAHN ASSOCIATES, INC".

How do I view the course video?
Students will need to login from our website to the Student Center.  Select Continue next to the desired course. Students will see a list of the documents to view and print then select continue to view the course video.  

Will I need to pay a fee to have my CE credits be submitted?
No, course fee includes all material and processing of CE credits.

By what date must the course be viewed and the exam be completed?
Students must complete their courses by December 31st of each year for accurate reporting to the CFP Board.    

If I do not take the exam before the expiration date, what happens?
Students must re-register for the course at the current registration fee.  There are no refunds.

While taking the online exam, how much time do I have?
Students will have one hour to complete the timed exam.  The one exception is Keeping Current, students will have 4 hours to complete. 

How often can I take the exam for CFP® credits?
Once per two-year cycle (based on your anniversary date).

Can I take the exam for any other credits (other CEs or CPEs for CPAs, attorneys, CLUs, etc.)?
The online CE courses are only approved for CFP® credits.  Students may check your designation conditions to see if the course meets the designation requirements.  We will supply the student with a certificate of completion after passing the exam.

What if I do not receive a passing grade on the exam?
Students may take the exam a total of three times at no additional charge.  If students do not pass after three attempts, students will not receive CE credits.

How many questions are on the exam?
Each exam varies dependent upon how many credits will be issued.

How many questions must I answer correctly to pass the exam?
Students must get at least 70% on all the courses except 80% on Ethics. 

Does the exam have to be taken online?
Yes, the test must be taken online as it is a timed exam.

Do I have to complete the exam in one sitting?
No, students are allowed to save your work and log in and out. 

If I need to retake the exam, will the questions I am asked on the 2nd exam be different?
Yes, there may be a few repeat questions because each test is composed of randomly selected questions from a question bank.

When I pass the CFP® Certification Examination, do you offer continuing education classes?
Yes, we offer a full line of Continuing Education courses in both Online and Traditional class setting.  Once you have notified us that you have in fact passed the exam, we will adjust your records with us to receive Continuing Education information.

Will I receive any material for the course?
Yes, all course material will be available in the Student Center.  Students will be asked to print material prior to viewing the online course.  For Keeping Current, students will receive a hard copy manual shipped via FedEx. 

After I have successfully passed the exam, how do I get CE credits?
We will electronically file the CE credits with the CFP Board.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent once submission is completed.

Can I use the same course and exam for multiple CE credits?
Yes, we will submit your credits to the appropriate agencies once you pass the exam.  We are only responsible for submitting your results to CFP Board. 

Will you be offering other courses in the future?
Yes, we are currently working on more online CE type classes.  If students have never attended our classes (Live Review or CE), please add yourself to our contact list by choosing Become a Member.  We will e-mail students with any upcoming CE opportunities.

What if I have questions or problems that are not answered in this FAQ section?
Please contact our CE administrator at for more assistance.