Ken Zahn Speaking Engagements

Ken has been a CFP® professional since 1981. He continues his practice of financial planning with clients. In addition, he writes and teaches the curriculum throughout the country. He is nationally known for making the complexities of financial planning understandable. He has many Continuing Education classes available for presentations such as the Murder Mystery case, Financial Plan Design, and Ethics all approved for CFP Board credits and Department of Insurance.
Ken is a member of the FPA and NAPFA Associations. If your group is interested in having Ken speak at your next company or chapter meeting, please feel free to contact us directly at or 813-839-3020.
DateSpeaking Engagement
11/05/2014FPA Greater Memphis- Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
06/24/2014ProEquities Business Builders Conference - Hodges Trilogy
05/08/2014FPA North Alabama- Asset Protection & Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
01/20/2014FPA Central Florida- Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
08/28/2013Live CE - S vs. C, Code of Ethics, Murder Mystery 2
08/19/2013FPA Tampa Bay- Window of Opportunity
04/25/2013FPA Georgia- Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
03/26/2013Schwab & Company Phoenix- Murder Mystery 2
03/20/2013Schwab & Company Indianapolis- Murder Mystery 2
03/14/2013Schwab & Company Denver- Murder Mystery 2
03/06/2013Schwab & Company Orlando- Murder Mystery 2
02/05/2013Members Trust Company - Murder Mystery
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