Traditional Classes Offerings

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Murder Mystery 2
FP703: Murder Mystery 2
S Corporations vs C Corporations
: S Corporations vs C Corporations
Working through the steps in the financial planning process with a fictional client.
Window of Opportunity
: Window of Opportunity
The new estate tax law may be a boon to the wealthy. The program will discuss the new estate tax law, planning concepts, misunderstandings, and new potential problems.
The program will use numerous examples and cases to take advantage of the $5 million exemption.
Asset Protection
: Asset Protection
This case centers on a licensed professional who is driven by need for professional recognition and financial rewards. Clients have been close to suing this professional over the past few years. His wife is starting a new business. Their major concern is to protect their assets from malpractice (errors and omissions), liability claims, and business losses.
Family Planning
: Family Planning
This case centers around the personal planning needs of a husband and wife with two teenage children. The husband has insurance, investment, retirement, and estate problems that need to be solved in a coordinated plan of action. The wife has insurance, retirement, and estate problems that also need to be solved. The wife works part time for a non-profit organization and part time for herself. This involves various retirement opportunities for her. In addition, this is a second marriage for the husband. He still has responsibilities to his first wife. He works for a large publicly-owned company. This case is updated with the current tax laws.
Financial Plan Design
: Financial Plan Design
A properly design financial plan is a work of art. The plan is so understandable and simple that the client reacts and acts. This course attempts to bridge that gap. A client plan will be presented that was done without the use of a computer.
Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility
: Code of Ethics & Professional Responsibility
This course is for CFP credits.
This course will provide an overview of CFP Board’s expectations pertaining to the ethical conduct of its certificants and registrants. A review of principles, rules and practice standards including in depth discussion of the practice standard specific to gathering client data will be discussed. A review of accepted terminology and use of the CFP® Certification Marks will also be conducted. In addition the program will focus on CFP Board-released anonymous case histories. This class has been approved by CFP Board for 2 credits. Required 80% pass rate.
NOTE: This course does not satisfy Florida Department of Insurance Senior Suitability requirements.